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Forensic report on women's clothes discovered in Murthal prepared

The report on a forensic analysis of women's clothes discovered lying at the website in Murthal where women were supposedly raped during the Jat quota agitation this February prepares.

The clothing lay for days on a grassy spot surrounding to National Highway-1, opposite the well-known Murthal dhabas, a media report, pricing estimate witnesses, asserted women were dragged out of vehicles and raped in the early hours of February 22 during the Jat quota agitation at the site.



Here's Why Male's and Women's Clothing Button on Opposite Sides

Are the buttons on your t-shirt on the left side or on the? There's actually a beautiful simple answer: if you wear women's chescadirect clothes, the buttons are on the left side of the shirt. If you wear male's t-shirts, the buttons line up on the ideal side. This would make sense if all women were left-handed and all men were right-handed, however because the majority of all people are right-handed, that's plainly not the reason. What offers?


A 2013 news story about a guy recording in women's restrooms was misrepresented as having taken place "last weekend" in 2016.

A California male was jailed in April 2016 for dressing in women's clothing and surreptitiously shooting women in a public restroom.

WHAT 'S TRUE: A Palmdale, California, male posing as a woman was detained in May 2013 for allegedly shooting women in the restroom of a Macy's department store.




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